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Contouring & Detoxifing Body Wrap
At Baer Essentials Massage & Bodyworks, we take care in providing our customers with high quality services for their unique needs. Please call 314-541-9922 to schedule your personalized treatment today.

Come see and feel for yourself the wrap that provides permanant inch loss, cellulite reduction and proper lymphatic drainage to detoxify your whole body.  This contouring wrap is soothing and efficient. Although one wrap produces immediate results, 3-5 wraps (as shown below) produces a contoured, healthy body.

90 minutes   $90
A "must have"​ when you are expecting.  There is no better way to pamper yourself and sooth your baby.  It is just another great way to connect and to care for your unborn baby.  You will feel comfortable and relaxed as every day should be during these nine months!  Plan ahead and add a Baer Essentials Gift Certificate to your shower list-it just might be the best gift there!

60 minutes   $75
75 minutes   $90
Prenatal Massage
Duo Massage
A Duo Massage makes a great Birthday, Anniversary, or Mother's Day gift (just to name a few). It can also be a fabulous introduction for those feeling a wee bit apprehensive going by themselves.  Whatever the occasion, all will be comfortable, relaxed and sure to LOVE it!

60 Minutes    $75 per client
75 Minutes    $90 per client
90 Minutes    $110 per client
Vibe Trainer Pro- Whole Body Vibration Workout
This is not only a work out but an incredible way to increase your energy and circulation. It is also amazing at relieving muscle aches and pain, including low back and knee pain.  There are many different setting so there is one sure to suit you.  This machine is appropritate for all ages. The benifits are many including:

Decrease in Weight 
Decrease in Cellulite
Decrease of Cortisol (stress hormone associated with belly fat)
Tightens Skin
Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
Increase in Flexabily and Circulation
Increase in Strength and Endurance   
Increase in Metabolism and Fat Burning
Increase production of HGC, Seratonin, Neorophin, Endorphin, Testostorone
Improves Depression
Impoves Balance and Coordination
Increases Bone Density
Helps Parkinsons and MS patients regain coordination

10 Minute Session (equivilant to a One Hour Workout)   $10 per visit
8 Sessions                $40
Monthly Unlimited    $50
Add to any service   $8
For more information go to www.advancedhealthworks.com or call 314-541-9922 to schedule a free trial session.

This therapeutic and rejuvinating massage relieves stress, reduces muscle tension and the pain associated with it. This is the most requested and perfect massage because it is tailored to you. With a Customized Massage you'll get a variety of techniques and modalities suited just for you.  Such as trigger point therapy, myofacial release, heat packs, warm towels, lymphatic circulation, hand and foot reflexolgy, head aid massage, and aromatherapy.  You can choose one or all.  Whichever you choose you will be sure to leave feeling renewed in both your body and mind. 

60 Minutes    $75    with a hot stone back treatment     $95
75 Minutes    $90    with a hot stone back treatment     $110
90 Minutes    $110   with a hot stone back treatment     $130

Customized Massage
Cancelation Policy

If need be please call to reschedule your appointment 24 hours before your service.  If you are unable to do so resulting in a "no show" there will be a rescheduling fee of $25 added to your next appointment.